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Martin Scheuregger on his work as Embedded Composer in Residence at the Collection

Having an excuse to get to know the British Music Collection is proving to be an utter pleasure. As the first Embedded Composer-in-Residence at the Collection it certainly took a while for me to find my feet, but this process of gradual discovery is what is so exciting as I continue the residency. As a composer and music analyst the opportunity to explore a collection of thousands of scores and recordings is perfect for me.

Digital Discoveries: Thomas Butler interviews Christopher Mayo

Christopher Mayo is Sound and Music's Embedded Composer-in-Residence at Manchester Camerata. Christopher selected Laurence Crane's 'See Our Lake'.

TB: Why have you chosen this piece? What did you find compelling about this music and why should I listen to it?

Digital Discoveries: Thomas Butler interviews Shiori Usui

Shiori Usui is Embedded Composer-in-Residence at BCMG. Shiori selected Richard Baker's 'Huiusmodi sunt omnia'

TB: Why have you chosen this piece? What did you find compelling about this music and why should I listen to it?

SU: It has been difficult to choose only one piece. I liked the pieces such as “unassigned” by James Saunders and “submarine revisited” by Evelyn Ficarra as well, for example. I enjoyed listening to all three music mentioned above, and I enjoyed each of them in different ways.

Digital Discoveries: Thomas Butler interviews Martin Scheuregger

On the 25th November 2013, Sound and Music and NMC Recordings for the first time released music held in the British Music Collection for new listeners to discover. The ‘Digital Discoveries’ represent just a small percentage of the work in the Collection but number a full eight volumes of previously unreleased music from this remarkable archive.

Shiori Usui

Originally from Japan, Shiori moved to UK at the age of seventeen. Described as a composer with “individual ears” (The Times), her works have been performed in Japan, Europe and USA by diverse range of soloists, ensembles and orchestras, including the performances by Rolf Hind and the Duke Quartet at the Wigmore Hall, London, by A Far Cry at Jordan Hall, Boston, USA and by Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Naoto Totsuka at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall in Japan.

Jobina Tinnemans

In an attempt to keep her music composing intuitive, Jobina Tinnemans mainly focused on being educated in composing with materials other than sound during her studies in the Netherlands and London, such as with fabric prints, colours and toys. In reverse, her 'stretchy music for Lycra clothing' was quite a surprise to her product design tutors at Design Uni Eindhoven who were expecting a garment hanger. She graduated with distinction in 1999.

Jacob Thompson-Bell

(c) Stuart Leech 2013

Jacob Thompson-Bell is a composer whose music spans contemporary classical, experimental and visual arts practices, often combining visual imagery with musical performance. His work explores ideas of reusing and recycling between media, imagining listening as an activity involving many senses beyond hearing.

Currently Sound and Music’s Embedded artist in residence at Somerset House (London), Jacob is creating works to allow visitors to explore the sonic environment of the building.

Martin Scheuregger

Martin Scheuregger is a composer based in the North of England. He is currently composer-in-residence at the British Music Collection (Sound and Music Embedded), engaging with the vast resource of the collection in a number of ways, with the final outcome being a large-scale ensemble work to be performed in several concerts in the UK. Martin is also Artistic Director of chamber ensemble Dark Inventions, a group going from strength to strength.


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